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At Provident Law®, we are dedicated to serving our clients by providing the people we represent with one of the best law firms available in the Scottsdale, Arizona area.

The Provident Law® team of attorneys possesses strong morals built upon the sturdy foundation of justice and caring established by our steadfast convictions and beliefs. Each day, we strive to manifest the values of humility, love, ethics and understanding into our practice to help guide everything we do.

“Provident” means “careful about planning for the future; exercising foresight; skill and wisdom in management.”

And “Provident” describes how we approach our clients’ legal affairs.

The law is meant to mend broken relationships, and as such, the best way we can serve our clients is by helping them to reach reconciliation, and truly become whole again through pursuing genuine justice.

Our attorneys and staff are excited to be part of something more important than simply just another law firm. With over 180 years of combined legal experience, Provident Law® is prepared to represent our clients, serve our community, and above all, lead lives of integrity and character.

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